My first blog:)

I’ve been wanting to write for a while, and it’s actually the first time in like 4 months that I’m sitting on a couch and have nothing to do. It’s pretty relaxing! Got my puppy chewing on his bone next to me and I just got back from the gym, which is also something I haven’t had the chance to do as often as I’d like on the road. I used to be really good about it but my will power is different when I can walk to a gym vs when I have to drive there.


I don’t think I’ve ever spend this long travelling the world with one suitcase (well now two) and after this 2 weeks break I’ll be on the road again! Barcelona 1st stop:) Never been there and I heard it was a great stop so I’m super excited! It’s cool to go to a spot where you can make it a vacation at the same time. Some might say it’s the case about Vegas but it’s really not for me.

I do miss my family/friends back home. I’ve been fortunate and unfortunate enough to have one of my lil sis date a poker player so she’s been on the road with  me and it makes it easier even though I also miss the other one so much. Also super fortunate to have a great boyfriend to travel with to all these cool places. Definitely will be paying Lebanon a visit soon in between stops. It’s not easy to have no family around. For those  of you who do, you’re very lucky…take advantage of that!

Currently in South FL, Hard Rock Hollywood has some amazing tournaments going on with huge guarantees and great structures. I don’t think my body or mind is ready for a heavy schedule after 2 months in Vegas so I’ll skip some of it…but the 5 million starts on the 14h of August and there are satellites running every night with some overlay if you’re in town! ( for full schedule).Tournaments are so draining, It’s not always easy to find it in me to be 100% focused for 12 hours a day. Also, gotta lay off playing OFC on the app while playing, I’m finally convinced it does/could be affecting my poker game.

If you’re staying in Florida after the 5M, Hard Rock Tampa has a great series starting the 20th! $350 with a 150k GTD, $560 with a 200k GTD and some other events in between. Definitely worth a little 3 hour drive and a speeding ticket on Alligator Alley.


I’ll be posting some fun pics from the road when I have some time for those who want to keep following/reading!

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